Extends :: Line :: Obj

A class that defines a multi-line object with a set of vertices. These vertices are relative to canvas (0,0).

This class must be accessed through the iio package.



This function is used to instantiate new instances of the MultiLine class. It must be preceded by the new keyword.


iio.MultiLine( Array vertices )

- creates a multi-line with the given with the vertices. The vertices will be treated as absolute canvas positions (relative to canvas 0,0).

- the array of vertices should be a list of coordinates, defined either in x,y coordinates, or as a Vector.

//create two connected lines 
var poly = new iio.MultiLine([,

Inherited Properties

MultiLine :: Line :: Obj

Obj.pos :: ioVec

Obj.rotation :: Number

Line.endPos :: Vec


Graphics Properties

The following properties can are attached by the iio Graphics Engine. Note that these properties are 'undefined' by default, so you must define them with their set functions or set their values directly.

.styles.alpha :: Number

.styles.strokeStyle :: Color||Pattern||Gradient

.styles.lineWidth :: Number

.styles.shadow :: Object

.styles.fxFade :: Object



The new data added by the MultiLine class.


.vertices :: Array

- the vertices of this multi-line.

//get a multi-line's vertices
var vs = multiLine.vertices;

//get a multi-line's second vertex
var v = multiLine.vertices[1];

Inherited Functions

MultiLine :: Line :: Obj







Graphics Functions

The following functions can are attached by the iio Graphics Engine.



These functions are added by the MultiLine class, and available to all instantiated MultiLine objects.



:: Returns MultiLine

- returns a new MultiLine with the same properties as this one. Makes a hard copy of the object.